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We have the finest military security team, which will keep you, your family, and guests secure and protected at all times. If you have your own private detail, our team will work effortlessly with them. Your safety and anonymity are our highest priority. Among other delicate decisions about the wedding, the prime point to ponder is wedding security. As you have invited the guests on your special occasion, it becomes your responsibility to guard them as well. To avoid any inconvenience regarding the safety of the bride, groom, their families, and all the invited guests, we have a full-fledged military team of wedding security guards. Our fully armed wedding security guards keep an eye on every guest regarding their safety as well as on the activities on the wedding premises. You will not be disappointed by our royal wedding security services. Our wedding security guards have the latest technology to detect any unusual activity or weapons in and around the area. You will never find such promising royal wedding security services in Charlotte NC and North Charlotte NC. Our wedding security is fool-proof. This makes Marriage De Luxe, the best to hire among other wedding planning companies. If you have your wedding security guards, we will be glad to work in collaboration with them as well. We assure you that there is no miscommunication between the security guards and the wedding planner. We aim to let you feel safe and sound at your wedding, fulfilling the security responsibilities of your guests well.


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